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We don’t expect to build the new digital world on our own and are actively looking to partner up with product innovators, exchanges, brokers, traders, payment providers, and NFT creators to create the digital markets of the future.

If you have an asset to tokenize or a project to launch that can help expand the digital footprint for the new world order, or if you just want to market your products through our distribution network, then contact us.

What Are We Going To Achieve Together?

  • Moving traditional financial products to digital
  • Fractionalised asset trading
  • Expanding trading hours towards 24×7
  • Shorter settlement periods (T=10 seconds)
  • Increased liquidity using DeFi markets
  • New product innovation using tokenization technology
  • Creation of new OTC marketplaces for illiquid assets
  • Native digital share registers
  • Next generation digital payments

Simple Integration

Through the creation of API hubs, we are building out simple connectivity solutions for asset creation and distribution. Whether it’s fiat on/off ramps you need, access to global markets, a digital share registry to tokenise your products or company shares with or simply an accelerator to get your project to market, we will have a solution that can help.

Why Partner With Securrency Capital?

Regulatory satisfaction

Have confidence that you are working with a regulated entity. Securrency Capital is regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority in Abu Dhabi Global Markets and is in the process of gaining additional licenses globally.

Reach global audiences

Through the use of our partner network and API, mobile and web interfaces to provide entry to global distribution and liquidity networks.

Utilize patented token technology

Get access to institutional-grade tokenisation and blockchain infrastructure to launch new assets and products. Our technology has been adopted by major global banks and fund managers to launch native blockchain regulated funds and assets.

White label opportunities

Our modular approach allows you to adopt fully automated client onboarding, KYC, and KYT protocols for your products or to outsource aspects of these to our experts.

Enable speed to market

With fully digital onboarding and automation of investment setting procedure, easily list and distribute your product.

Access multiple assets

A single marketplace and wallet for assets ranging from tokenized securities to NFTs.

Who We Serve?

Investors – Access a vast array of digital, tokenized asset investment opportunities through a single platform that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, has secure custody, and is regulated by the Middle East’s leading financial regulators.

Asset issuers – Don’t trap your assets in walled gardens. Through our Compliance-Aware Token Framework and distribution capabilities, we ensure that value is distributed where it will find liquidity and efficient price discovery.

Exchanges – Boost liquidity, availability, and selection for many investment products at scale. Our on-chain asset tokenization reimagines the end-to-end process of identifying and matching investors with investment possibilities, as well as the subsequent secondary market opportunities.

Financial institutions – Expand your offering with innovative digital assets and digitize your distribution and investment processes.

Product innovators – Expand the scope of your new product launches. Our digital marketplace serves as a launchpad for issuers of non-fungible tokens, utility tokens, and other new native digital assets.

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