Introducing a blockchain-enabled brokerage empowering global financial access

What we do

Securrency Capital is a full-service regulated institutional DeFi brokerage firm that offers both traditional and digital financial services.

Our mission is to deliver asset tokenization benefits to retail and institutional clients by providing access to multiple digital products and asset classes through a single, easily accessible marketplace. We provide a comprehensive digital lifecycle experience for our clients, including asset issuance, share registry maintenance, and corporate actions on the chain, as well as facilitating the purchase and sale of digital and traditional assets and securities.

Introducing Securrency Capital, a digital assets brokerage
Introducing Securrency Capital, a digital assets brokerage

What sets us apart

By embracing Blockchain technology, we aim to deliver greater liquidity, wider distribution, improved connectivity, and better security for our clients in managing their portfolios and investment decisions.

Securrency Capital is registered in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and is regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority.

Securrency Capital deploys proprietary digital asset technology for the issuance, governance, and life cycle management of regulatory compliant tokens, including clawback of value in the event of theft or fraud. This, coupled with our on-chain identity services, allows for secure, transparent ownership of tokenized assets and enables the movement of regulated value at the speed of tomorrow.

The Securrency Capital vision

Our vision

To revolutionize financial markets, become a global leader in digital financial services, and set new standards for exceptional customer service using blockchain enabled technology.

The Securrency Capital mission

Our mission

To deliver simple, secure, and user-friendly tools for financial services ensuring clarity, confidence, and transparency for our clients.

The Securrency Capital values

Our values

At Securrency Capital, we take our values seriously. Trust, transparency, security, and efficiency are non-negotiable in the industry we’re in and something we pride ourselves on. Our interactions with people, both internally and externally, are based on integrity and authenticity. Finally, our day-to-day operations and decisions are driven by creativity, service, excellence, and growth. What we do every day defines us. Staying true to our values will help us deliver on our mission and achieve our vision. Let’s change the way the world moves money.

Our partners

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